Director of Events and Engagement

Marian’s passion for community engagement, marketing and promotion can be traced back to her undergraduate days as a program coordinator and team lead in several campus initiatives at the University of Toronto. She has organized various events, liaised with different organizations, and was involved in creating several marketing campaigns. With her background in research and business, Marian has an integral role of supporting the entrepreneur and startup community by creating effective marketing strategies through the use of digital platforms and curating networking events.


Apart from working on 6 Initiative projects, she is also an entrepreneur with a passion for science, research and beauty. By day, she works as a clinical research analyst at the hospital, and by night, she can be found working on her e-commerce & beauty consulting business. She’s also a huge foodie, loves meeting new people, and loves to collaborate with other entrepreneurs all over the city!

“No one is you, and that is your power.”