Events Director / Marketing and Operations Manager


Joey has a passion for business development and has been an explorer of the entrepreneurial world for almost a decade. Previously studying Law and Policing he is now shifted his focus towards Marketing. As a personal development enthusiast, he continues to expand his knowledge about business through multiple educational platforms; all while continuing to be a part-time digital entrepreneur. He has spearheaded a large variety of events to success while simultaneously finding ways to constantly improve the quality of every event. He constantly leverages his 7 years of experience as an A/V Engineer and brings fluidity and impact to every event he is involved in.


Still being devoted to his endeavors, Joey is still very passionate about his hobbies. He is a die-hard car enthusiast, so much so that he has even turned this hobby into an endeavor of Pro Auto Detailing. Joey soon hopes to grow and expand his current venture "The AutoworX Project" into a YouTube channel doing VLOG's and showing educating the average consumer on their vehicles.

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills”