Director of Engagement Strategy and Client Development

Daniel’s methodical approach towards business development and capturing sales stems from a career within the fitness industry that concluded with a pivot into entrepreneurship. Now, his skill-set has become a fundamental cog to every organization he belongs to. He has transformed himself into a well-sought after entrepreneur, to help grow other ventures. Daniel is able to connect with his peers and clients like none other, and is typically the go-to person for situations involving negotiation, conflict resolution, client acquisition and more.


Daniel provides well-structured developmental strategies garnered towards engaging a broader audience and potential clients. He has mastered techniques that allow 6 Initiative and their affiliate companies to build long lasting, prosperous relationships.

Despite being invested into a few business ventures, you can find Daniel still pursuing new ways to explore the different genres of sport and adventure, through hiking and exploration. You can bet he’s most likely hiking up a mountain or kayaking through a lake, right now.


“I found treasures in places I did not want to search, wisdom from tongues i did not want to listen, beauty where I did not want to look, and I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. Boldy explore.”